Towers, Energy and Telecom Sector

Towers, Energy and Telecom Sector 2018-04-11T00:08:46+00:00

Corrosion is also a major problem in steel towers that support antennas of telecommunication networks, radio communications, wireless systems and others. By being in strategic positions, usually topographically highest and vantage points, these towers are exposed the most critical situations, bringing in the action of corrosion. Rustless® comes to the rescue by providing a rust free environment for these valuable communication towers.

Among the materials most used in the manufacture of communication towers, bridges and other structures stand out metal, due to their strength, ease of installation and maintenance of the structure in the field. However, the metals are subject to this phenomenon of nature. The result of corrosion in metal structures amounts to numerous losses to various sectors. With the application of Rustless®, these structures will no longer suffer from concussions in its physical structure, aggravated by the wind, or even with the deflection of the irradiation angles of the antennas for its misalignment. The deterrent of rust can also help in better communication capabilities to these towers.


The telecommunications infrastructure includes hardware such as electronics, computers, and data transmitters, as well as equipment shelters and the towers used to mount antennas, transmitters, receivers, and television and telephone systems. Towers and shelters are commonly painted or galvanized for corrosion protection. Costs are also associated with corrosion of buried copper grounding beds  and galvanic corrosion of grounded steel structures. However, no corrosion cost was determined for the telecommunications sector because of a lack of information in this rapidly changing industry. In addition, many components are being replaced before failure because their technology quickly becomes obsolete.


Utilities, which supply gas, water, electricity, and telecommunications services, account for the largest portion of annual industrial corrosion costs. Direct corrosion costs total $47.9 billion. These costs are broken down into the sectors of gas distribution, drinking water and sewer systems, electrical utilities, and telecommunications