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In addition to Rustless® being an environmentally friendly product and ensuring increased lifetime of the protected generator, the Rustless® unit will also reduce maintenance costs and increasing the life of your metal frame, engine, water pump, radiator, alternator, tank fuel and other metal parts.  Rustless® supplies metal parts with an excess of electrons, the existing positive atoms in corrosion receives these electrons, turning them into neutral atoms, eventually forming a thin protective layer, adherent and compact (different from what usually occurs, which It is porous and non-adherent), which helps insulate the metal surface corrosive substance, paralyzing the corrosion process immediately thanks to Rustless®.


Electric Power Industry Corrosion Cost Study

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) (Palo Alto, California) published a study in October 2001 (EPRI report 1004662) on the cost of corrosion in the electric power industry (see March 2002 Materials Performance , p. 18). Conducted by Dominion Engineering, Inc., Duke Power Co., and CC Technologies, Inc., the study broke down the cost of corrosion by component and cost category and made recommendations for optimum corrosion management strategies. The same methods were used to develop direct cost data for the nationwide U.S. study and the EPRI study; however, the EPRI study also included indirect costs. It reported total corrosion-related costs of $17.3 billion for the electric power industry vs the $6.9 billion in direct costs estimated by the U.S. study.