Nautical Sector

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Ships of all size, small recreational boats to transatlantic ships; ports and loading rigs, containers and storage areas all can be protected against corrosion and rust by Rustless®.

The application of Rustless® Nautical 12 and 24 Volt eliminates the need for fresh water bath and the application of sacrificial anode (metal designed to be eroded instead by the parts immersed in salt, or fresh water).  The problem arises when this material is screwed into the motor housing, or underwater not providing any protection in areas of contact with the atmosphere and its use may cause contrary to the expected effect because many metals will make the mass of the anode becomes “harder” the body of engine, and thus corrosion would occur in reverse, preserving the anode and punishing the finest materials.

Rustless® ensures extended life of the nautical and boats vehicle, by protecting the engine, tail, rudder, terminals, parts, accessories and appliances. Its application provides the reduction of maintenance costs, durability in corrosion protection, and safety in applications where corrosion is critical.

What is the main difference in protection with Rustless® compared to traditional anode sacrifice, as the name says it is a sacrifice not acting where the corrosion process starts, because it acts only when the corrosion begins, as the wrath Rustless® acts on any metal structure that even where the process has already started neutralizing the corrosive process in the part where the sacrifice electrode does not reach.