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Having Rustless® on buildings, homes and living environments will assure ‘rust free zones’ providing safe environments for better and safer buildings. Besides the construction of new units, Rustless® participated in studies and analysis to identify the level of corrosion of all the units already delivered to the Public Domain so we can paralyze the corrosive processes that are normally porous and non-adherent in a thin, compact, stick that paralyzes the corrosion process while it already started, contributing directly to increased life of each units and drastically reducing the cost of maintenance of the entire structure, including other metal materials and substances that come in contact, such as air  conditioners, power generators, among others. In the pictures below we present a UPA which received the application of Rustless®. After the application of the Electronic Corrosion, you are able to notice the corrosion was gradually replaced by the protective layer formed by Rustless® our devices. The protective layer being formed, the builder just sanded the surface the area consumed by corrosion and applied a thin coat of paint for aesthetic purposes, that area after the Rustless® application will no longer present any corrosion points.

The annual cost of external corrosion protection with coatings was estimated at $260 million. Total annual direct corrosion costs are at least $1.5 billion.