Automobile Sector

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Autos of all types, from antiques to fast sports cars, off road trucks, motorcycles, transportation, 18 wheelers along with container industrial trailers, and caterpillars in the farming industry. Anywhere there is rust let Rustless® do its work and stop it from growing.

Rustless®also promotes the protection of screws, wheels, drum and disc brake, exhaust, radiator, internal and external parts of the engine, water pump, etc.

In addition to the bodywork, Rustless® acts where no other product in the market even on the outside: chassis, wheels, exhaust, brake system, ceiling and floor, even parts covered by moldings and rubbers like the internal block, seals and cylinder motor. In the water pump we have noticed the inhibition of rust particles in the radiator water. In essence Rustless® is 100% rational equipment, environmentally friendly and a sustainable concept that does not harm the environment, it extends the life of the surfaces and protects it. Rustless® meets and excels all environmental licensing certifications.


The transportation category includes vehicles and equipment, such as motor vehicles, aircraft, rail cars, and HAZMAT transport. The annual corrosion cost in this category is $29.7 billion (Figure 4).


U.S. consumers, businesses, and government organizations own more than 200 million registered motor vehicles. Car manufacturers have dramatically  ncreased the corrosion  resistance of vehicles over the past two decades by using corrosion-resistant materials, better manufacturing processes, and more  ffective engineering and design. The study points out that individual components could be further improved. The total annual direct cost of corrosion was  stimated at $23.4 billion, with $14.46 billion attributed to corrosion-related depreciation of vehicles. Another $6.45 billion is spent on repairs and maintenance  ade necessary by corrosion, and $2.56 billion represents increased manufacturing costs from corrosion engineering and the use of corrosion-resistant materials.