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RUSTLESS® Electronic Anticorrosive is a company specialized in the treatment and combat against corrosion. Holder of an exclusive patented technology, Rustless® devices are developed in an innovative and revolutionary way, which when applied to any kind of metallic surface, treat and halt every corrosive process.

With main headquarter in Indaiatuba ,Brazil, Rustless® has truly innovated the global market’s fight against corrosion and rust. Rustless® has now opened new offices in the US under the leadership of Mr. Cleber J Lopes, Rustless® USA now embarks on promoting and selling its unique solutions to a whole new world.



Founder and CEO

Tasca was directly involved in the development of four great Brazilian franchising groups, which have shown outstanding references in their respective fields in the Brazilian market;  now he has applied all his business and commercial knowledge along with incredible efforts to the Rustless® Electronic …

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CEO US, Latin America

For over 30 years Jean Lopes has been creating incredible customized cars for a robust global clientele, He is a polished trained engineer that absolutely loves the automotive industry. In his native Brazil Jean has presided over American Classic Special Vehicles manufacturing sports and classic…

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Director of New Business
Marketing and Branding

Studied and graduated from CSUN (film school) has a Bachelor in Arts Degree with ‘emphasis on film’. Later worked and mentored under 3 time Oscar winner Carlo Rambaldi (King Kong, Alien and E.T. the extra terrestrial) were he fine tuned his cinematographic skills producing documentaries…

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Senior Scientist Engineer

Walnei joins the Rustless® USA team as Senior Scientist; he is a leading global authority on Environmental Engineering and holds a Degree in both Chemical, and Industrial Engineering. His life has been dedicated to the control and eradication of rust and corrosion, it is safe to say that he is truly an…

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Aeronautical Tec. Director

An Aviation Industry Specialist, with 11 years of experience in product development, aircraft manufacturing, procurement, sales and marketing, , maintenance (aircraft and engine), air taxi operation, airline operation, quality control, engineering, regulation. Quality Assurance Specialist with experience…

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Aeronautical Tec. Director

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineer with 21 years of professional experience in the aviation industry, including consulting and educational administration. Solid academic background and recognized high level  leadership and management skills  Vast International experience in North,  South America…

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Gen Lead Sales

Business Development Professional / Former Int’l Banker & Wealth Manager / Media Commentator / Volunteer US Army CASA
Business development adviser helping clients find new customers and enter new markets, clearly communicate their story in the marketplace and successfully negotiate, structure…

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